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Foundation Repair Services: What is Foundation Repair

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 by Paiden Hutchens

There are a few different types of foundation services that address specific foundation issues. Here are the three largest sources of foundation trouble and the services offered to solve them:

1. Foundation Wall Problems

Bowing, buckling, and crack formation along a house’s walls are all signs of foundation troubles. Typically, the solution is to stabilize and strengthen the wall with products like CarbonArmor, PowerBraces, or helical tiebacks. These products help hold the foundation wall in place and can even start to push a bowing wall back into place.

Cracked and Bowing Basement Wall

2. Floor Problems

Separation between wall and floor cracking is another early sign of foundation issue. Uneven floors can cause all sorts of home problems such as trip hazards, collapses, and simply looks bad. Floor cracking, bowing, and separation can be solved with services that jack up the floor from underneath. Our all steel SmartJacks are designed to do exactly that and can withstand massive amounts of pressure.

3. Soil Problems

Sometimes, the cracking and separation that you see in your floors or interior and exterior walls are results of the soil around the home. Constant pressurizing and depressurizing can create stress that allows the entire base of your home to sink or slope one way or the other. Luckily, there is a way to lift a house back into place and at the very least keep it from further sinking. This solution is usually done with helical or push piers that are installed under the base of the home.

These 3 issues are common foundation problems with 3 different product-based solutions. Foundation repair is often referred to as any work done on the supporting areas of your house that carry weight. These problems can run out of hand quickly and cause wall collapses or sinking homes.

We provided all the above-mentioned solutions and more when it comes to protecting the base of your home. If you need your foundation inspected, give us a call now to set up a free inspection. It would be better to know your foundation is in trouble now than to wait until something unprecedented takes place.

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