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3 Reasons You Should Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

With all the information about crawl space health, building codes, and home improvement out there, it can be difficult to know what applies to your home and crawl space. Here are 3 straight-forward reasons to consider encapsulating your crawl space, regardless of the other possibilities.


 1.       Temperature Control

Every crawl space is different, but one thing they have in common is how they are affected by the temperatures outside the home. Many homeowner’s find that it is harder to keep the home heated during the winter and harder to keep it cooled during the summer. The home’s crawl space is a major factor in this temperature regulation. Air will be able to leak in as failing insulation will not resist these air flows. So, If the crawl space is relatively the same temperature as outside the home, then the outside temperature has a much higher impact on the temperature inside.

Encapsulation is designed to many things one of which is to treat the air and temperature inside the crawl space like the inside of the home. This means that a proper encapsulation will insulate the walls of the crawl space and help the inside of the crawl space run more efficiently and consistently through the seasons. After a crawl space is encapsulated, it should make the rest of the home be much more energy efficient.

 2.       Humidity Control

One consistent factor among most crawl spaces is high humidity. This happens because moisture is allowed to get inside or evaporate into the crawl space air. Once the moisture is in the air, relative humidity tends to exacerbate the problem and creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Moldy crawl spaces will then plague the home with smells, sinus issues, and structural damage.

The best way to control humidity inside your crawl space is to completely encapsulate it with dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, insulation, and waterproofing. If the products used to dehumidify and waterproof are durable and made for crawl spaces, like ours are, then the encapsulation will provide maximum protection against moisture and high humidity.

 3.       The Stack Effect

The third reason to consider encapsulating your home’s crawl space is due to what is called the stack effect. The stack effect is when air moves upward in a home, typically by warm air. This can happen in winter and summer, and the basic idea is that air from your crawl space is being filtered through the rest of the home before exiting out of the roof ventilation. This means that any unsettling air quality inside the crawl space whether it is from a dead animal, must from mold, or flood water will end up inside of your living space.

Our crawl space encapsulation system is designed to clean, purify, and dry the air out inside of a crawl space. Doing this makes sure that the air being filtered through the home by the stack effect is pure and healthy for the living spaces of the home.


These three reasons to encapsulate your crawl space are universally true. Many homeowners do not know or have difficulty with filtering through all the information about why crawl spaces can negatively affect your home.  So, if you are interested in how to properly encapsulate a crawl space, call us at 1-844-801-9531 for a free estimate on our patented crawl space solutions.

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