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Efflorescence and What it Means for Your Basement

Friday, February 14th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens

With the past week of heavy rain fall in North Carolina you are more likely now than ever to see signs of water in your basement. From light seepage, to full on flooding, we have had calls requesting us to inspect the issue. One thing that happens a lot on the block wall of a basement is forming of efflorescence. This can be a tell-tell sign that some water is getting into the basement.

Efflorescence is the white chalky substance that a lot of the time forms on the walls of basements. It is mineral deposits left over, usually salt, from evaporated water. If this is covering your block wall this means that water is making its way into the inner walls of your basement.

 Efflorescence on Wall

The issues that this indicates can vary but internal waterproofing is a sure way to have any water reaching the interior walls pumped out. Alternatively, vapor barriers like CleanSpace and a dehumidifier can work together to assist in keeping the moisture out of the air. CleanSpace vapor barrier holds the water that is in the air back and can even catch water once if it is formed at the bottom of the wall and run it into our WaterGuard waterproofing system.

Of course, efflorescence does not necessarily mean that the basement is at risk of flooding, but it is a definite sign of water seepage. Over time these symptoms can grow and become more complicated in nature. Being prepared is important and understanding what your walls are telling you could help you prevent a problematic future.

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