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Wall Cracks: What to Know

Friday, April 17th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens

When it comes to cracks inside a home it is never a welcome thing. No one is wanting to see damage occur inside their house, however there are some important things to know about the topic that could help in understanding the underlying issue causing the crack. The first differentiation would be where the crack is and the second would be what type of crack it is.

When building a house, the contractors should do their due diligence and be detailed in their approach to reduce the chances of cracking walls. But over time, regardless of the construction, walls will shift. These old age wear and tear cracks usually appear in the form of hairline cracks that run vertically and are usually signs of natural aging and are not cause of great concern. A more urgent wall crack would be a horizontal one and can happen for several reasons and often in basements along block walls.

If you inspect the wall of your basement and notice a horizontal crack, of which there are several types, you can be safe to assume there is an underlying issue at play. Types of horizontal cracks can vary as there are stair step cracks which are common along block walls and there is straight line which are more common with dry wall. These types of cracks occur usually due to shifting pressure. This pressure can come from a foundation sinking or from a bowing wall that has been impacted by the ground outside of the wall.

Stair Step Crack

When it comes wall cracks it is better to be safe than sorry. For example, if a stair step crack is left alone it will eventually compromise enough of the mortar lines that the wall will collapse and be almost impossible to support without rebuilding the wall entirely. Hopefully, whatever cracks are along your wall are superficial and do not need any type of solution. However, if you are worried about the cracks in your wall be safe and call us to look at the problem area for free. We can provide the peace of mind you need and maybe even save you money in the future.

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