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Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Thursday, April 30th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens

Crawl space encapsulation became an industry standard in more recent years and the science behind why it is important has always been true. There are a few definitions of an encapsulated crawl space, with the most basic version being a thick, antimicrobial, tear-resistant liner installed throughout the entire crawl space. Our CleanSpace product was developed with this definition in mind and with it attached to the floor and walls of the crawl space it seals off the crawl space from what may come through the walls or ground. This is the basic form of protection that should be discussed when considering a crawl space encapsulation, however vent coverings, wall insulation, dehumidification air systems, and a sump pump all can be installed with CleanSpace to create the most protected of crawl spaces.

Now, there are 3 major benefits that a crawl space encapsulation has besides meeting building codes is a lot of places, the first being health. Because most modern homes create a stack effect the air inside the crawl space is actually being sent up through the home before escaping. This means that the must, dirt, and mold that exists in the crawl space is able to make its way into the entire home through the air flow. Maintaining a healthy crawl space air means that this stack effect is not pushing nasty air through the home.

Secondly, the homes sustainability is increased. With flooding, mold, and unwelcome vermin nesting inside of unprotected crawl spaces everyday the lifetime of the construction inside the crawl space and the foundation of the home itself is affected. Treating the crawl space like a ‘inside’ part of the home can give the house more life before deteriorating into un-livability as all houses do eventually.

The third great benefit is the energy efficiency and the money you can save. The same way air leakage can make your home uncomfortable it can also do a number on your energy bill. With the HVAC system combatting the different temperatures and air flows coming into the crawl space from outside it can start to stack up. When encapsulating your crawl space and thoroughly protecting it, you can control the interior temperature and air flow of the crawl space which allows the air conditioning to work less and increase the homes energy efficiency.

Even though there is some confusion around crawl space encapsulation the important take away is that when protecting a part of your home experts should be doing it and it should provide a net benefit. Getting rid of nasty symptoms such as mold inside a crawl space is essential but encapsulating your crawl space to mitigate against mold growth entirely is a permanent solution to the problem.

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