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Critters and Your Crawl Space

Thursday, May 14th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens


There is an array of health reasons to encapsulate your crawl space and we constantly go over them. Moldy crawl spaces that waft into living areas and exacerbates things like asthma and allergies are a real problem for sure. However, there is another reason to have your crawl space encapsulated. These reasons all have to do with critters.

Critters is a term, for our use, that refers to any bug, insect, or animal that enjoys spending time inside your crawl space. There is a plethora of critters out there and they all can cause different types of damage.

Smaller critters can find there way easily into your home from your crawl space once they are drawn to it. If you have ever had a problem with bugs and could not find where they were coming from, it very well could have been from your crawl space. These bugs can damage your floors and basic construction with if they infest the area. Also, larger critters can be almost more unpleasant once they have taken residence inside the crawl space. They can chew wires, spread bacteria, and die and create horrible smells to be wafted up.

These potential problems from critters can be solved with an encapsulation system. Our CleanSpace vapor barrier and encapsulation system creates a layer between the earth, outside, and the rest of the home which eliminates the typical way critters can get inside. Adding a SaniDry de-humidification system that keeps the air inside the crawl space dry and uninhabitable for most critters is the finishing touch to critter proof a crawl space.

Thinking about your crawl space can easily become the last thing on the list of to do’s but it is important to consider every now and then. Encapsulation means not having to worry about bugs and critters getting in every winter or having to wonder where that smell is coming from.

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