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Battling with Humidity

Thursday, August 6th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens

Condensation from High Humidity

Have you ever had inches of standing water in your basement? Hopefully not, and thankfully, most people have not had that experience. Now, have you ever walked into your basement and felt a muggy feeling in the air? Unfortunately, a lot more basements suffer from this.

Of course, this mugginess is high humidity and does not seem like a very large problem. After all, the basement still functions as you need it to, and if you are a relatively healthy person, very few side effects can be detected. However, in time this high humidity will start to cause smells and mold growth that can be hard to pinpoint.

Without proper control of the moisture in the air of your basement, these side effects of high humidity can spiral out of control and cause health issues, risk water damage, and just be generally irritating. This can be particularly true if you have allergies or are an older occupant, because mold can circulate throughout the home and make it difficult to breath and have other respiratory issues.

All in all, humidity in a basement, even though it is tolerable, can be a cause of other more serious problems. Each basement is different though, and not all of them require an immediate solution. Either way, there are products such as the SaniDry dehumidifying air system that is designed to help regulate healthy air in a basement and keep the air dry.

If you believe that your basement’s humidity is too high and causing problems, then call us at 1-336-283-2338 to schedule an appointment with one of our inspectors.

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