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Crawl Space Repair: Permanent Solutions

Thursday, November 5th, 2020 by Paiden Hutchens

A large storm forms and the rain starts to fall. Before long, the entire crawl space under the home has been flooded, and the existing vapor barrier had already been starting to rip and peel up. After the storm, mold is readily growing and rotting wood appears as the water disappears. This terrible scenario is very risky for a home and incredibly common in unprotected crawl spaces. Fortunately, there are various solutions out there, however the most important factor in choosing one is whether the proper solution is permanent or temporary.

When looking into crawl space repair and waterproofing solutions, the way to tell if a solution will be permanent can be tied to the product reliability and the company’s warranties.

Looking first at how the products a contractor uses hold up over time can be an initial indication to how permanent of solution is that they offer. For instance, to simply meet building code, a builder must install some kind of plastic covering, called a vapor barrier, inside the crawl space. This satisfies the building code, but it does not have a track record of holding up to severe weather. Asking about installation technique and vapor barrier durability is a good place to start with this product.

The second easiest way to tell if a company provides a permanent solution is the warranty on their products. Not only does this indicate how long you will have the ability to utilize the company if their solution falls short, but it also communicates how sure and trusting the contractor is in their own work. Some products, such as a sump pump or a waterproofing drainage system, should have lifetime warranties if the goal of the contractor really is to provide a lasting solution. Also, not all warranties are created equally, so asking detailed questions about the scope of work and additional charges is important to understand before moving forward. Not every part of any given warranty will be perfect for the homeowner for good reason but the differences between solutions and products from company to company can uncover the guise many contractors present on a surface level.

As a homeowner of a damaged crawl space and needing a true lasting fix, the historical performance of a product and the product/solution warranty are two main vectors to take note of. There is plenty of misinformation on what crawl space repair solution is the best, but if you are able to understand and ask the company you’re working with questions about these two topics, you can find real insight into the longevity of their proposed solutions.

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