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What Causes Foundation Damage?

Monday, August 2nd, 2021 by Lydia Peth

Oddly enough, the majority of foundation damage is caused by water itself. Why is this? Well, the soil underneath the home is influenced by water, whether there is too little of water or too much of water. 

Below you will find more details on specific damage and how it occurs: 

Water Damage: Too much water can cause concentrated areas underneath your home. If this happens, you will see an expansion of soil in one area, while it stays the same in another area. This will create an imbalance, causing more issues. On the other hand, too little water causes shrinkage in the soil. The shrinkage of soil will also cause an imbalance.  

Changes in Temperature: Changes in temperature may cause an expansion in the soil and water around your foundation walls throughout the year. It also can cause the soil and water around the foundation walls to contract. This can lead to cracks because of the flexing against the walls. 

Content of Moisture and Composition of Soil: If your foundation lies on different surface densities, there is a high possibility your foundation will settle unevenly, and cracking will start to occur. If you have noticed any type of noises such as creaking floors, it is most likely that there has been movement in the foundation. 

At the end of the day… water is the main culprit of foundation issues.

Cracking Block Wall


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