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What Causes Mold in Your Basement

Monday, August 16th, 2021 by Lydia Peth

Absolutely no one wants to deal with mold in their home. Mold ruins your home by eating away at your foundation and structure of your home. But not only can mold ruin your home, it can also ruin your health by infecting your lungs, nose, and eyes. 

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why mold may grow in your home: 

Failure of Sump Pump: If for some reason your sump pump is not working correctly and is not maintained, this can lead to a build up of water around your foundation. Sump pumps are made to keep your basement dry and free from mold.  

Moisture in Excess: A mix of oxygen and moisture is the perfect combination for the development of  mold. Condensation and leaks are the main causes for excess moisture in your home. Condensation can build up, creating a humid environment, which will then lead to growth of mold. 

Leaks: Bursting pipes can cause leaks. Sometimes this is due to aging while other times it is due to poor maintenance. Also, leaks can be caused from water heaters as well. 

Flooding: Mold growth usually due to moisture build up and leaks can be caused by flooding in your home. Flooding can be caused by significant amounts of water build up resulting in hydrostatic pressure.

If you are concerned about a potential mold outbreak in your home, reach out to a professional that can assist you in riding this. 

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